Information for better social accountability.

The Social Accountability and You [SAY] website provides ordinary citizens and civil society practitioners with access to full texts of Zambian legislation (acts, policies) as well as publications and records (audit reports, budgets, service charters, speeches, etc.) in a wide range of thematic areas. These areas range from education, health and agriculture to disability, enterprise to the Constituency Development Fund. The main aspects of each thematic area including  the relevant laws, the CSOs active  in the field, are summarized in concise and easy-to-read factsheets, which can also be easily downloaded. The website aims to make it easier for citizens and CSOs to access information on citizens’ rights, including the quality of service they should expect to receive from public institutions.

Sharing tools for better social accountability

In addition to information on Zambian legislation, SAY provides a platform for CSOs to share their social accountability tools, research reports, and other materials. Through this platform CSOs have the chance to see what their counterparts are doing to hold duty-bearers to account and to exchanges ideas, experiences and success stories through different discussion forums. Ensuring that CSOs and citizens have access to tools to help hold duty-bearers accountable can lead to improved governance and better public services. By supporting CSOs to network virtually, update one another and secure feedback on their tools and reports will facilitate coalition-building and stronger quality CSO work.

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